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Providing precision motion through our strain wave gear and rotary actuators.


Beginning in 1973, ILJIN was founded as a forging company. Through the following decades, ILJIN grew and advanced through innovative manufacturing in bearing and chassis components. Recognizing the need to support the explosive growth in automation markets, ILJIN began strain wave gear development in 2018.

As our world advances technologically by leaps and bounds, ILJIN Bearing Art was created to support the tremendous growth in the Automation industry. Providing precise, repeatable motion, ILJIN Strain Wave Gears are helping automation companies continue to innovate. With lightweight and torque-dense designs, ILJIN’s Strain Wave Gearing provide long and dependable performance needed in critical applications.

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As technology advances and automation becomes more prevalent, ILJIN Bearing Art is providing precision motion through our strain wave gear and rotary actuators. Our products provide accurate, repeatable motion with long-life. Whether you’re just getting started or looking for improvements, ILJIN Bearing Art is a full service partner who you can trust.

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Where German engineering excellence meets Korean quality and value. ILJIN Bearing Art provides a strong global support network:

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